Prayag is an annual event that celebrates and recognises all our volunteers and stakeholders. Prayag is where volunteers become self-motivated, energetic, and inspire others to come together for an important cause.

The event commences with an array of cultural activities, followed by a sumptuous lunch, allowing the Puthri volunteers to spend time bonding with the group by sharing their wonderful experiences at Puthri. Preceding the event, volunteers come together to plan the itinerary and practice together for the planned cultural activities. This bonding makes them relive their student life and becomes a memorable part of their life.

This event also marks an important interaction between the volunteers at Puthri alongside the announcement of new ventures and celebrating the success of Project Puthri. The volunteers and stakeholders are also awarded certificates.

#Prayag Events

Past Prayag Events


This event was a gala celebration with our first batch of volunteers and partners coming together and most of them meeting for the first time. Apart from the usual cultural programs we launched our website www.puthri.org.


This year we grew in numbers; more volunteers were added to the list. It added more fun and more rejoicing. We also launched the Puthri Pulse newsletter.


Prayag was celebrated on a larger scale, with celebrities like singer Saindhavi gracing the event. We saw more professionalism in the way the cultural programs got conducted. We launched our First Workbook for the Puthri Scholars.


The pandemic hit the nation hard. Many of us fell prey to the virus, but we all joined together virtually to celebrate ourselves despite the illness or desolation to motivate and pat our backs for the good things we did for our Puthri Scholars. We launched our much-awaited intervention called Post Schooling Certificate course programs for our Puthris that passed out of school.


Once again, the celebrations went virtual. We gathered together through a virtual platform and celebrated with the same zeal and energy. Our programs had a variety of skits and individual performances – shot & edited entirely virtually! We launched the second edition of our workbook to the Puthris.

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