The Puthri Model

The Puthri Model, follows a holistic approach of providing complete & wholesome education to every Puthri scholar. Our various intervention programs in collaboration with partners, helps us help & enable every Puthri to equip herself for a career intentional goal in life.

#Puthri Model

3 Pillars of Puthri Model

Mentoring, Role model, Career Coach


CAREER INTENTIONALITY mentoring & training till the age of 18 years and till they complete their graduation. This mentoring will ensure that the girls make informed decisions in life, including marriage, childbirth etc, by bringing down infant mortality rates, domestic violence and sexual abuse.
A mentor will encourage, motivate, challenge and guide every Puthri scholar to think through different solutions for various problems in life. Based on her unique developmental needs, the Mentor will seek and create new opportunities. Also, the Mentor will link and support her long term goals, values and emotions to a larger organizational agenda, as she becomes career oriented and career intentional to better her future and quality of life. Similar to being a trustworthy counsellor, the Mentor, will be able to make a real impact on the Puthri Scholars through consistent and ongoing relationship building.

Role Model

Tertiary education (Graduation) and enable them to get into white-collar jobs to help them come out of poverty and help their families and future generations to live a life of fulfilment and advancement.
Role models lead by example and inspire Puthri scholars to achieve their potential in life. Their real time success stories as to how they achieved success despite the various challenges & hurdles in their life and give the Puthri Scholars the confidence to overcome every hurdle with perseverance and eventually succeed in life. Role Models ensure students emulate the positive qualities, bringing about an overall change for the good.

Career Coach

The Career Coach provide with expert guidance which empower Puthri Scholars to identify their strengths & passions, the means & ways to realise them and help them see their present challenges as advantages and help overcome them.
When the coach help assess their professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion, they not only redefine their intelligent quotient, but also the emotional quotient, by reassuring & boosting their self-confidence, making their job search less stressful, less anxious and less vulnerable in this competitive market.
Not just that, the career counselling helps these girls make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools that they can use to enhance their qualifications, like writing letters, resumes etc to meet their ultimate goals.

#8 Dimensions

8 Dimensions

The 3-pivoted training focus of Mentor-Role Model-Career Coach is augmented with dimensions of transformation along the following themes. These themes are the core pillars on which Puthri scholars are provided interventions which result in building career intentional future-ready citizens


Accurate health education to the Puthri scholars who are in the post-pubescent age group of 13-18.


Empowering with knowledge on the female body, its health and hygiene requirements.


Safety is a critical barrier for girls to attend school, one of the objectives of the Puthri program.

Financial Acumen

Empower girls with financial literacy


Engendering the values of proper nutrition.

Analytical thinking

Developing the skill of Analytical thinking will help Puthri scholars make well-informed and correct decisions.

Digital Knowledge

Empowering the girls with knowledge of the digital world.


Lessons in entrepreneurship can help the Puthri Scholar pick up life skills that can be useful in various situations.

#Talent Search

Talent Search

The year 2021 saw the unveiling of our most-awaited and planned series of events to identify our Star Puthris - The Talent Show Event...


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the Puthri Scholar’s Handbook is a handy Activity book which is introduced as an extra learning guidebook. It is a supplementary guidebook to the life skills taught through the mentoring sessions of Project Puthri.