About Puthri Career Choice Assessment (PCCA)

Puthri Career Choice Assessment (PCCA) is a one-of-a-kind self-assessment tool developed indigenously to fit the students in India. PCCA helps Puthri Scholars primarily to understand her personality better in order to make an informed career choices and to get insights into her strengths, passions and interests, which will enable her to study her choice of subjects and pursue her dream career!


Benefits of PCCA

Gain insights about her personality.

Deeper Understanding of herself.

Areas of improvements & gaps to improve.

Determine preferred work environment.

Match personality to preferences & then onto a career.

Make informed decisions on her career where-by it reduces stress levels


Components of PCCA

Personality Trait overview

Describes the twelve personality traits that are measured.

Personality Trait Score

Gives her scores on the basic personality traits.

Career-Oriented, Personality Traits

Gives her scores on career oriented personality traits and also identifies her dominant career oriented personality traits.

Personality to Career Mapping

Maps her dominant career-oriented personality traits with suitable career clusters.

Career Clusters

Describes career clusters of the dominant career-oriented traits with an indicative list of careers.


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