About Puthri Career Pathing (PCP)

Puthri Career Pathing Program

Puthri has been steadily pursuing the noble task of ensuring the completion of tertiary education among young girls from economically under privileged class. Their training and mentoring sessions have been focusing on imparting career-intentionality and confidence among these young scholars. As part of this, the Puthri Career Pathing program was formulated.


PCP Model

Higher Secondary Graduates
Higher Secondary Graduates

Aimed at 12th grade students who are at the verge of completing schooling.

Counselling & Exposure
Counselling & Exposure

Equips them on practical employability skills, career counselling and industrial exposure that are vital for their career.

Certificate Program
Certificate Program

It is a complete certification program that includes 30 hours of intervention.

360 Degree Support
360 Degree Support

That includes mentoring support, internship opportunities, workshops & job placement assistance.


Components of PCP

Communicative English Lessons

To improve English speaking skills for common business use.

Industry Awareness Sessions

To highlight the latest happenings in various business domains.

Job interview Skill Training Sessions

Practical advice on how to ace interviews and prepare for them.

Leaders’ Talk

Interactive sessions with top industry leaders.

Role Model Sessions

Special sessions that feature industry experts sharing their experiences

Career Guidance Sessions

Career guidance based on the latest opportunities in specific domains

Selling Skills Training Sessions

“How to sell” and other basic sales enablement programs.

Digital Learning

Learning opportunities via digital platforms and specific courses that are available.

Life Skills Mentoring

sessions in presentation, public speaking, teamwork, leadership & problem-solving.


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