Men Impacting Trust & Respect

MITR is the unique attempt of AVTAR Human Capital Trust in educating and empowering young, adolescent male population as empathetic “Gender Champions”.

These young folk will develop and mature into a well-informed youth population of the country in creating a safe, secure and equal space to the female peers and counterparts.

#vision & mission

MITR Vision & Mission


To develop an inclusive, empathetic young male population who are champions of their girl counterparts.
To be an ally in creating a safe and equal space for women, hereby reducing the crime against women in the country and ensuring equal participation of women in the nation’s economy


To educate, and transform 10000 school going adolescent boys into well informed young men in providing safe and equal space for their female counterparts and to mature as peer role models.

#Objectives of MITR

Objectives of MITR

To educate school going boys on understanding, accepting, respecting and giving space to the female members of the society.

To empower school going boys to become friendly associates of their counterparts in extending an empathetic hand towards their girl peers with the right amount of understanding required for their age.

To identify “Gender Champions” amongst the school going boys who reflect these ideologies and are the real “MITR” to their opposite gender.

To inculcate the concept of friendship and make the line “Friend in need…” a reality for our female school going population through an atmosphere that will be based out of pure knowledge and understanding.

#MITR Model

MITR Model

MITR aims to target boys of classes 9 to 12 in educating them on age appropriate information in capsules under 4 main segments namely:
Intrapersonal Skills, Interpersonal skills, Self – Management skills, and Gender Sensitivity.
These knowledge sessions will be done through our experienced and certified mentors who are specifically trained to handle sensitive topics such as these.

Intra Personal Skills
Inter Personal Skills
Gender Sensitivity Skills
Self Management Skills
#MITR Program

MITR Program

The focus of the MITR Program is as follows

Understanding self-inside out


Appreciating the best in self and in people around us.


Baby steps on empathizing people around us and living as a better social animal.


Small dosages of responsibility that the students can take pertaining to their age. Hence preparing them as better individuals, citizen and humans.


Understanding the need to understand the role of women at home, in the society, at workplace and in the country.


Giving space to women to prove themselves for betterment of the family, society and for the country as such.


Evolving as a Male Ally.

#Focus areas

Focus areas

Cognitive Skills
Cognitive Skills

Critical and Creative Thinking

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Social Skills
Social Skills

Communication Skills

Empathy and Team Work

Assertiveness Training

Negotiation Skills

Self-management skills
Self-management skills

Self Esteem

Emotional Intelligence

Healthy Habits

Handling Stress

Interpersonal Skills
Interpersonal Skills

Managing Conflict

Proactive Citizenship

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