The donated money is allocated to Puthri’S Career Intentionality training Interventions at various school. The details of the expense and the impact on every Puthri scholar therefore, are monitored audited and shared with the stakeholders through periodical reports.

Best ethical practices and good governance listed & followed in Puthri’s policy make it a transparent, fair practice, systematic accounting system, which shares periodical financial reports on the donor’s optimum fund utilization.

Yes, the website is safe & secured for all kind of transactions. Any information exchanged is kept safe and not disclosed under any circumstances. The payment gateway is recognized by the financial institutions under the Government of India.

As a credible organization, we respect the privacy of our donors. The donor data is not exposed or shared with any external agency. Our robust in-house mechanism and secure server system holds the data and records safely. Password protected, the entire system is guarded by surveillance camera. The data is kept strictly confidential and only authorized people with a special non-disclosure bond will have access to it.

Donation to Puthri are eligible for a 50% tax deduction under section 80G of Income Tax Act of India.

Yes, tax receipts are issued to all the donors irrespective of the amount they contribute. As an immediate acknowledgement, a digital copy of the receipt is generated and sent via e-mail, once the donated amount is realized. A hard copy of the receipt will follow within 10 working days.

In case of loss of the original receipt, a duplicate tax receipt will be issued on receiving a formal request from the donor.

Puthri is India’s first ever developmental project that seeks to create CAREER INTENTIONALITY among underprivileged girl students. It is an initiative by AVTAR Human Capital Trust (AHCT), a not for-profit public charitable organization, working in the field of economic empowerment of women. Puthri is India’s daughter from an underprivileged family, studying in Corporation or Government School, between the age group of 12 & 18 years studying in classes 8th to 12th .

Puthri's vision, an India, where young girls at the bottom of the socio - economic pyramid are able to rise to their fullest potential by breaking out of the domestic labour economy to graduate into the knowledge economy, thus, eventually being able to contribute directly to the GDP of our country.

To make 10,000 corporation school students across Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry ‘Career intentional’ every year, ensuring girl students get into tertiary education and pursue a white-collar job upon graduation.

Project Puthri comprises of a passionate group of individuals who are dedicated to making an impact in changing the lives of underprivileged girls studying the government schools in India, by making them career intentional. Our trustees & board members Dr, Saundarya Rajesh, Mr. Umasanker and Mr.Rajesh provide us advice and strategy and continue to be responsible for the success of project Puthri.

In addition to nominating and providing volunteers for Puthri, you can collaborate to contribute in the following ways
  • Adopt a school for a year and sponsor 100 Puthri scholars to transform and empower them
  • Sponsor & provide technical expertise for project management, including the Tech Support costs for back-end operations, hosting and updating Puthri website, creating Gamifying app, and research initiatives for project Puthri
  • Sponsor & provide us a venue to facilitate training the trainers, master training programs

As fellow NGOs you can join hands with us in realising our dream of making 10,000 underprivileged girl children 'Career Intentional' every year. Your partnership will help us to spread wings in your city of operation, provide guidance on furthering our networking opportunities regionally and locally to develop more effective and innovative training programs, build and enhance project management and operational skills for optimal functioning at your location. Also assist us in raising funds and ultimately reaching out to more Puthri beneficiaries.

As a Puthri volunteer you will not only stand to gain unique opportunities and remarkable experiences, but also transform the life of every Puthri in your own way! Depending upon your interests and skill sets you can choose to be a part of one or more of the seven Puthri volunteering teams, including being a Mentor, Career Coach and a Role Model.

Girl children from underprivileged family, studying in Corporation or Government Schools, between the age group of 12 & 18 years studying in classes 8th to 12th.

Fall in dropout rates at school, increase in number of girls pursuing tertiary education and behavioral attitude.

Yes, AHCT is now complied under FCRA and eligible to receive funds in foreign currency. For more details please mail