• AVTAR Human Capital Trust (AHCT) is a not for-profit public charitable organization, working in the field of economic empowerment of women. Headquartered in Chennai, AHCT has been addressing gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth for women across the State of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry over the past eight years.
  • With a strong belief that economic independence is key to women's empowerment and that women can make and continue to make enormous contributions to economies, whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees, or by doing unpaid care work at home, we at AVTAR group are keen on facilitating women's social inclusion and economic empowerment in the economically backward strata of society too.
  • Our life skills enhancement programs, employability workshops, Prevention of Sexual Harassment training and education support, have enabled many women (across lower, middle and upper middle strata of society) secure decent jobs to become economically independent & self-reliant, to think more progressively and make well informed decisions in life, to uphold positive self esteem and participate confidently & contribute in areas like health, education, rights, political & social activities.
  • Social responsibility continues to be an intrinsic part of AVTAR family, and today, with project Puthri we endeavour to reach out to 10,000 underprivileged girl children in the age group of 13 to 18 years studying in government schools across India, making them career intentional every year.
  • Puthri is India’s first ever developmental project that seeks to create Career Intentionality among underprivileged girl students. It is an initiative by AVTAR Human Capital Trust (AHCT), a not for-profit public charitable organization, working in the field of economic empowerment of women.
  • Who is Puthri?
    Puthri is India’s daughter from an underprivileged family, studying in Corporation or Government School, between the age group of 13 & 18 years, studying in classes 8th to 12th who will be trained through a combination of classroom sessions, games and corporate exposure, to understand her capabilities better, prevent her from dropping-out of school, helping her build meaningful relationships and developing the necessary skills to be successful in her career.
  • Why make her Career Intentional?
    Desire and potential to study alone are not enough to be successful in life. Timely guidance and inspiration to graduate and take up tertiary jobs are also required to make every girl student career intentional. She may successfully complete her schooling, may lack the right support, guidance, motivation and encouragement from family and friends to inspire her graduate with good grades, to pursue tertiary education at college and eventually settle in a white collar job. Project Puthri’s key enablers step in at this crucial phase of her life to guide & support her aspirations in the form of mentors, role models & career coaches and help her become Career intentional for life. Career Intentionality, will give girls like her the much needed confidence & opportunity to take up white collar jobs in big companies, earn well and contribute to the country’s GDP. In addition, it will provide her with a safe and conducive environment, free from any kind of abuse and bring her and her family out of poverty to lead a healthy life, with good & nutritious food. Not just that, she will begin to make informed decisions about her marriage, childbirth etc and help her family & future generations to live a life of fulfillment in a world of endless positive possibilities.

Puthri's vision, an India, where young girls at the bottom of the socio - economic pyramid are able to rise to their fullest potential by breaking out of the domestic labour economy to graduate into the knowledge economy, thus, eventually being able to contribute directly to the GDP of our country.

To make 10,000 corporation school girl students across Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry ‘Career intentional’ every year, facilitate girl students into tertiary education and ensure they pursue a white-collar job upon graduation.

Our Trustees

Dr Saundarya Rajesh

  • Dr. Saundarya Rajesh holds a Doctorate in Women’s Workforce Participation, an MBA from Central University Pondicherry and is a gold medalist in English Literature from Madras University. In 2005, when Saundarya first embarked upon the idea of creating a community of women who had taken breaks in career, little did she know that it would be a game-changer for women’s careers in India.Her first brush with corporates who summarily rejected the CV’s of women on career breaks.
  • Taught her that the problem had to be approached differently. Saundarya did exactly that – she turned the challenge on its head and convinced corporates that women who had taken breaks were more likely to stay on the career track longer and were also a source of highly skilled personnel. The idea worked. Corporates that were hungry for good talent, decided to try out Saundarya’s suggestion - engaging “Returning” women professionals. The very first recorded instance of a ‘second career’ program in Indian industry, took place in July 2006,under the stewardship of Saundarya. Over 400 women re-entered the workplace for the first time.
  • Realising that corporates needed a sustainable strategy to engage not just returning women professionals but all women in their workplace, Saundarya began coaching and counselling organizations to develop a Gender Inclusion plan. Using research and analytics, she proved the rupee-value that organizations would accrue if they invested in women’s careers. Not stopping with merely pitching this talent pool to companies, Saundarya went one step further and ensured that the women who got in touch with her also benefited out of the interaction. Creating an online platform called www.avtariwin.com in 2005, Saundarya developed a simple profiling method which helped the women assess their own employability and also their readiness to re-enter the workplace.
  • She devised a Career-Enabler system that women could easily implement in their own homes and work-places that would prevent them from aborting their careers. Saundarya travels extensively speaking in various conferences and forums on the benefits and importance of engaging with women on career breaks. She has conceptualized and designed several programs and training interventions to bring women back into the workplace. One such program is SEGUE Sessions, India’s largest networking and career creation program for women returnees in India. A woman entrepreneur with a vision, Saundarya believes that women’s careers will be one of the foremost success factors contributing towards India’s development in the coming years.
  • Her work has ensured that corporates, educational institutions, families and the women themselves are educated about the unique nature of women’s careers and the steps to be taken to engage women professionals, in order to deliver all-round benefit. For relentlessly championing the cause of career re-entry opportunities for women who have taken breaks after marriage, childbirth or relocation, and for her indefatigable focus on women’s workforce participation, Dr. Saundarya Rajesh was selected for as one of the #100 Women Achiever, an initiative by Government of India (Ministry of Women and Child Development) and met the Hon. President of India and the Minister for W&CD at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, Delhi in January 2016.

Mr K. Umasanker

  • Umasanker Kandaswamy, Chief Recruiting Officer at AVTAR Career Creators is one of the founder members of AVTAR. Being the senior most member of the team, Umasanker heads the business for AVTAR Career Creators with multiple branches across India. Umasanker has spearheaded large mandate recruitment projects for a various industries. Sourcing of any kind comes naturally to him and he manages IT sourcing with as much versatility as Non-IT.

  • A Masters in Public Administration from the University of Madras, Umasanker did his graduation in Electronics & Communication Engineering, followed by a MDP from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. With 20 years of experience in Recruitment Consulting, Umasanker is a prolific headhunter, with over 1700 closures in his career. His passion for people is equalled by his passion for music and cricket – Umasanker is a great singer and is a fast bowler.
  • Umasanker has been training young generation in the path of Leadership and has been invited by many colleges to be the Chief Guest to address the young graduates & post graduates. His passion for people is equaled only by his passion for music and cricket – Umasanker is a great singer and is a fast bowler.

Mr V Rajesh

  • V Rajesh is a well known and widely acknowledged Retail and Shopper Behaviour expert who has been an integral part of the transformation of Indian Retail. He has successfully introduced several modern retail formats in India starting with supermarkets in the mid 90’s and various other mass merchandise, lifestyle and speciality stores. His expertise stems from having handled varied functional roles, specially the marketing and customer service function at a CXO level.
  • Rajesh has been involved with strategy formulation as also the roll out and execution for multiple start ups. His keen understanding of shopper behaviour has played an important role in the successful launch of the various formats and stores. Apart from this, he also has international retail exposure with MAKRO - UK and Walmart’s UK subsidiary – ASDA
  • Rajesh’s toughest challenge and the also the most successful one he has handled is to have influenced consumer mindset, with regard to grocery shopping, in a market dominated by traditional formats. This is largely due to his in-depth understanding of consumer and shopper behaviour as also his consistent capability to plan and execute customer centric programs which have been cost effective.
  • He is a prolific writer, having written several hundred articles and case studies for leading publications. As part of his knowledge sharing initiatives, he has also authored several books. He is now very active in the knowledge space and is engaged in sharing his extensive expertise at diverse forums through various initiatives.

Our Team

Eswar Balasubramanian

Head-Out Reach

  • Eswar Balasubramanian heads the Outreach Programs at AVTAR Human Capital Trust and oversees project Puthri, India’s first ever developmental project that seeks to create Career Intentionality among underprivileged girl students. A seasoned professional with diversified and rich experience of 13 plus years in the HR function. He prides of well-honed expertise across sectors including Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, KPO's, BPO's, Retail, Telecom and Power & Energy.

  • Eswar joined the Chennai office of AVTAR Group as Senior Manager - Client Services, after overseeing operations in Bangalore office for 2 plus years. As a strategic planner, Eswar has handled the complete spectrum of HR verticals like Banking / ITES / Telecom / Retail / Non IT, where he has ably managed to identify & place talents for demanding senior leadership & high profile top management positions like, Head of Anti Money Laundering Operations, Head of Financial Operations, VP / AVP - Retail / Corporate Credit and Unit Head - CMS Operations / VP - Financial & Regulatory Reporting for some of Avtar’s top notch clients. In addition, he successfully established the BFSI & Retail Practice for AVTAR over the past 8 years and today, as the Head - Outreach Program, AVTAR Human Capital Trust, he continues to contribute to the Group’s vision, mission & growth.
  • His career highlight being the successful placements for key banking accounts in Business Intelligence - a rare and much sought after skill, consecutively, for the past twelve years.
  • A person with a flair and passion for people management, Eswar is a Management Post Graduate in Finance & HR from Anna University.
  • Eswar is married and blessed with two lovely daughters. His idea of an ideal break would be to spend time with children, offering free coaching classes for the needy and indulging in community services, including, Medical & Blood donation camps, Shram Dhan at temples and feeding the poor at an adopted village. Whilst, Eswar enjoys being actively involved in community development services, he also loves pursuing his childhood passions, that of singing bhajans, playing the Tambourine and the game of Chess.

Priya Dayabaran


  • Priya, one of the founder members of AVTAR, is a sociology graduate with over 14 years of experience. She has donned various roles in her career as Recruiter, Management Representative - ISO, Team Leader and Head of Practice. Her multifarious experience has synthesized her skills in Process Quality and Business Intelligence serving to make Priya a very astute Talent Strategy Consultant, making a comeback after a brief sabbatical.

  • Priya is now focusing on the Organizational Development and HR activities for AVTAR. An avid reader of both Tamil and English fiction, her favourite hobby is the translation of English articles, poetry and themes into chaste Tamil - her love for vintage Tamil film music makes her unbeatable in this genre!