Redesigning Destinies - A rewarding experience to make a profound impact on every PUTHRI scholar.

Project PUTHRI turns the spotlight on India’s daughters studying in Government Schools in the age group of 12-18 years. It seeks to redesign the destinies of these girls from the lower economic backgrounds right from their childhood into their adulthood as young working women, by providing them education and the required support in the form of enablers like mentors, role models and career coaches throughout their development.

As a mentor you will encourage, motivate, challenge and guide every PUTHRI scholar to think through different solutions for various problems in life. Based on her unique developmental needs, you will seek and create new opportunities to develop new skills and gain meaningful visibility for her and open her eyes and mind to different perspectives. Also, you will link and support her long term goals, values and emotions to a larger organizational agenda, as she becomes career oriented and career intentional to better her future and quality of life. Similar to being a trustworthy counsellor, as a Mentor, you will be able to make a real impact on the PUTHRI scholars through consistent and ongoing relationship building.

As Role models you will lead by example and inspire PUTHRI scholars to achieve their potential in life. You can share your real time success stories with these girls as to how you achieved success despite the various challenges & hurdles in your life and give them the confidence to overcome every hurdle with perseverance and eventually succeed in life. Ensure students emulate the positive qualities, bringing about an overall change for the good.

As a career coach your expert guidance can empower PUTHRI scholars to identify their strengths & passions, the means & ways to realise them and help them see their present challenges as advantages and help overcome them. When you help assess their professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy and compassion, you not only redefine their intelligent quotient, but also the emotional quotient, by reassuring & boosting their self confidence, making their job search less stressful, less anxious and less vulnerable in this competitive market.Not just that, your support will help these girls make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory, as well as offer various tools that they can use to enhance their qualifications, like writing letters, resumes etc to meet their ultimate goals.

The 3-pivoted training focus of Mentor-Role Model-Career Coach is augmented with dimensions of transformation along the following themes. These themes are the core pillars on which PUTHRI scholars are provided interventions which result in building career intentional future-ready citizens.

One in two girls miss 4 days of school a month in India. The onset of puberty results in a significant decline in their school attendance. PUTHRI scholars who are in the post-pubescent age group of 13-18 are in the right age to build awareness about how their bodies work. The lack of accurate health education on what is happening with their bodies during puberty also leads to poor health and hygiene. When empowered with knowledge on the female body, its health and hygiene requirements as also details on the right time for marriage and childbirth, girls grow up to be healthier and less susceptible to problems caused by poor hygiene

Safety is a critical barrier for girls to attend school. One of the objectives of the PUTHRI program is to prevent school drop-outs. If the journey to school and the very school environment are not safe, then parents are likely to pull out their daughters. While the larger environment is uncontrollable, the art of self-defence and learning how to protect oneself is a valuable skill. Sometimes, violence comes despite the best possible avoidance measures and when it does there is often no opportunity to summon help. In those cases, every girl is forced to face her attacker alone, using only her own resources and knowledge. The skill of self-defence allows her to be bold in her outlook and face the world with confidence.

Empower girls with financial literacy and they develop the right skills to grow into financially secure and economically independent young women. Knowledge of money is not only about how to earn it. It is also about the skill of saving, understanding various financial instruments, learning to cut costs, imbibe the art of investment from an early age and begin thinking in terms of rupees and paise. When a girl begins to understand the dimensions of money and its purpose in ensuring her safety and security, she attains a greater level of clarity.

What does education have to do with hunger? Everything! Malnutrition affects every stage of a girl’s life and has severe consequences. The growing trend for all socio-economic groups to become addicts to fast-food despite its poor nutritional value and severe economic consequences creates chronically malnourished children with reduced mental capacity, lower retention in school and reduced lifetime earnings. By engendering the values of proper nutrition, PUTHRI schoalrs become role models for their schoolmates.

Analytical thinking is critical in every stage of life, more so at the work place. It helps students gather information, visualize and solve complex problems. There are times when even high-scoring students are unable to think analytically, leading to poor performance from an employability perspective. Developing the skill of Analytical thinking will help PUTHRI scholars make well-informed and correct decisions.

When girls are empowered with knowledge of the digital world, not merely in the usage of devices, but also in the skill of accessing information, they become true digital citizens. They learn the art of displaying appropriate social media behavior and using devices effectively for the purpose of communication, expression, collaboration and advocacy.

With machines replacing humans in entry level transactional/operational roles, the largest number of jobs in the future will be in various forms of interpersonal interaction, which includes personal selling and influencing. Women, when equipped with the skill of selling are unbeatable in the marketplace. Some of the world’s most effective sales people who have broken sales records are women. The art of persuasion, negotiation and relationship management comes naturally to women. However, very few learn to hone it into an art for purposes of building a career in sales. By removing the stigmas associated with Sales as a career and encouraging women to build the art of selling and pursue it as a profession, a greater number of women will enter influencing roles in a wide range of industries, leading to economic empowerment.

Statistics show that women are good at business. So why not try to encourage them? Not every PUTHRI may grow up wanting to own a business, but it is important for girls like her to learn the basics of running a business. Lessons in entrepreneurship can help her pick up life skills that can be useful in various situations. Risk taking is a big one, because, to be an entrepreneur, one must be comfortable with taking action, even without having a clear idea of the outcome. And in the process, girls like her can learn other useful skills, such as creativity, dealing with failure and problem solving.