Project PUTHRI's intervention makes a powerful impact on PUTHRI scholars.

Most of the children in our country study in government schools, owing to which the government has taken significant steps to improve their education in many ways; one of which, is to partner with projects like PUTHRI. Studies reveal that, while girls attend primary school in roughly equal numbers to boys, the gap widens as they get older and many are forced to drop out to help with work at home or get married.Here is where, project PUTHRI'S involvement and intervention makes a powerful impact on their lives.

PUTHRI’S well-rounded mentoring and training programs not only inspire, but also groom these girls right from their schooling to becoming confident career professionals, elevating their economic status. Whilst, their dropout rates come down significantly, their inclination to take up tertiary education increases and it affects their overall behavior and well-being for a life of betterment.