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July 2020

Greetings from Project Puthri

Happy July to all our readers!

Volunteers are very special to us, they Mentor, Guide, share their knowledge, and spend their precious time with our beloved Puthris. Our Vision of enabling every Puthri to become Career Intentional is fulfilled by our dynamic Volunteers. They tirelessly co-ordinate with schools, deliver the mentoring sessions to the Puthris and contribute towards developing extraordinary Content for creating Life skills modules. Through this issue we commend and applaud the efforts of all our revered Volunteers for their remarkable commitment shown towards the development of the Puthris. We express our gratitude to all the volunteers and greatly desire to receive their continued support and cooperation.

In this issue


This issue contains interesting articles such as:
* A write-up about our esteemed partner Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd. and their support rendered in providing scholarships for our Puthri scholars.
* Article all about our first Virtual Volunteering and Puthri Mentoring sessions.
* An interview of our trustee Mr. Umasanker sharing his inspiring and exciting volunteering experience with Project Puthri.
* Interviews of seven of our enthusiastic volunteers (Ms.Kamala Subramaniam, Ms.Selvi Kandasamy, Ms.Sunayana, Ms.Anandhi Bashyam, Ms.Charanya Divan, Mr.Vamsi Krishna , Mr.Krishna Narayanan) sharing their inspirational and exciting journey of volunteering with Project Puthri.

Exploring the Virtual World for volunteer mentoring
The Covid-19 led lockdown period has also opened opportunities for stake holders at Project Puthri to experience seamless ‘Live’ training programs. These programs are creating ripples of benefits to the Puthris, Read More...

Interview with our respected Mentors, Ms. Kamala Subramaniam, Ms. Selvi Kandasamy and Ms. Sunayana Reddy. Read More...

Interview of Ms. Anandhi Bhashyam, Role Model to our Puthris and Ms.Charanya Divan – Content Designer. Read More...

Interview of Mr. Vamsi Krishna V and Mr. Krishna Narayanan, Volunteers Read More...

An exclustive interview with Dr. Saundarya Rajesh, Founder - President at Avtar Group and the Managing Trustee of Avtar Human Capital Trust.
Dr. Saundarya Rajesh

“There is no greater pillar of intentionality than the intent itself”

She spoke about Second Career Women at a time when hundreds were battling to remain afloat in their professions. The Indian economy had just begun to feel the heat of global recession, in early 2000 when Dr Saundarya Rajesh, the founder president of Avtar Group

Mr. Umasanker
Interview with Mr. Umasanker Kandasamy, Senior Vice President Sales & Relationships at Avtar and Trustee at Avtar Human Capital Trust. Read More...

Dow Chemical - Puthri Scholars’ Benefactor

Project Puthri takes pride in partnering with Dow chemical and for the support received from the company in enabling Puthris (Daughters) to pursue their dreams of stepping into careers of their choices in the Indian industry. Read More...

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Get Involved to empower every unprivileged girl child to become career intentional, economically independent and lead a life of their own choice. Read More...
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