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India is a country of over 1.37 billion people with women’s representation of close to 48%. This population of women is yet to be equally benefitted from the country’s rapid economic growth. The reason is straight forward. It is simply due to under-representation of women in the workplaces. However, there is some good news in the form of data.

Dr. Saundarya Rajesh
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Dr. Saundarya Rajesh
There's No short cut for Success

Rajeswari Shankar, Mentor, Project Puthri


My role as a mentor began with sessions at Government Girls Higher secondary school, Ashok Nagar in July 2018. As we (another mentor joined me) began planning for our topics we shared our views constantly and found that increasing the attendance at Puthri classes was a major challenge. The school spokesperson, who understood our sincere efforts, came to our rescue in regularizing the attendance. The two of us (mentors) begin to see subtle in attitudinal changes in Puthri scholars. Read More...

Dream Big

Sudha Subramanian, Mentor, Project Puthri

"If you can dream it, you can do it."This is the attitudinal progress I am observing among Puthri scholars, who have dreams to achieve. The confidence graph to achieve them have shown tremendous improvement in the past one year of life skills coaching sessions. I could understand that there has been a positive change in the overall outlook of my Puthri scholars. Read More...

Being an agent for Change

Arunodaya, Mentor, Project Puthri


As a trainer working amongst youngsters over the years in many assignments I have had wonderful experiences but the one with Project Puthri has been the most inspiring and notable one that I would cherish forever. Read More...

Synergy Speaks

Hannah Priyadharishini, Master trainer &Mentor, Project Puthri

I have been able to train a few batches of mentors and have actively participated in the Puthri Career Choice Assessment Choice (PCCA) as well. As a mentor I take sessions for the higher secondary classes on Saturdays, in Chennai Higher Secondary School, Maduvankarai, Chennai, with an energetic peer Mentor and a passionate Cluster Coordinator. The SPOC with whom I coordinate in the school is an efficient faculty, who has exhibited a positive and supportive attitude towards Puthri session and helped us sail smooth in our initiatives. I call this above team an AGILE team. Read More...

Milestones of Project Puthri



Project Puthri expanded its operations to 10 new schools over the past six months and now caters to 5000 Puthris at 64 schools in Chennai, Puducherry and Coimbatore respectively for making them Career Intentional. Over new 173 volunteers have enrolled with Project Puthri during the period between June to December, 2019. The volunteers are making an everlasting impact in the minds of Puthris. There are about 271 mentors, who actively deliver sessions . Read More...

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Get Involved to empower every unprivileged girl child to become career intentional, economically independent and lead a life of independence. Read More...

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