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September 2022

Puthri Ilakku, 

AHCT marks five years of Project Puthri  

Project Puthri, a one-of-a-kind initiative by Avtar Human Capital Trust (AHCT), marked five years of its impact on underprivileged girls, on August 6. Puthri Ilakku #VetriPadiKattu, powered by flex India, was held in Chennai and attended by the Puthri scholars, mentors, donors, and corporates.


Puthri Expressions – Ilakku Takeaways

Puthri Ilakku, the mega event to celebrate the completion of 5 glorious years of the project, was held on August 6th 2022 in Chennai. Apart from the Puthri Scholars, the event saw participants from the Corporates, Principals & HMs from Puthri schools, representatives from the Educational Institutions and our dear Volunteers. The impact of the event was indeed magnanimous in terms of the Press coverage and the tributes received from all our stakeholders. 


Stakeholders Expressions -
Ilakku Takeaways

We are very proud to present the takeaways of our Puthri Ilakku event from our stakeholders – the Corporates, the Institutions, and the Volunteers!

They are the integral part of our Puthri family, well-wishers and great supporter in our journey of making 10,000 girl students, career intentional every year.


Ilakku In Media

It’s a great pleasure to share few of the coverages received from various media houses on our grand event ‘ Puthri Ilakku 2022’, commemorating the completion of 5 glorious years of Project Puthri.